Our Service

Our goal at Provisional Staffing Solutions is to provide readily available, hardworking employees for your industry and to assist you in meeting your labor needs at an affordable rate.

By working with Provisional Staffing Solutions your company will:

  • Utilize workers only when you need them
  • Reduce unemployment claims
  •  Compensate for a fluctuating workload
  • Save on interviewing and advertising costs
  • Save all your benefit expenses including workmen’s comp
  • Save on bookkeeping costs
  • Sharply reduce overtime expenses by replacing your more highly paid regular employees with temporaries working at an hourly rate

All of this will help to increase productivity and reduce costs to your business.

Provisional Staffing Solutions will assume the responsibility of:

  • Recruiting and hiring employees
  • Issuing weekly payroll
  • Filing mandatory tax forms

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact us.